Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Final Tuesday in August

Following the coldest Bank holiday since records begun 16 of us met up at Hendon central station to explore the natural history museum. 

It would appear we are not alone in trying to get in to the museum. The queue is one hour long we are told. Thankfully it's not raining too much!! Then Angie uses her charm, as a primary teacher she is clued up ,and we are ushered from the back of the queue of over one hundred to the front - the last are truly the first!!  "Ask and you will receive"

After our packed lunch in the picnic area we went to find the dinosaurs. Once again the queue snaked round the huge brontosaurus in the main hall but we had our ticket ready and went straight on and back in time 230 million years

For many of us the world of the Jurassic past is firmly linked with the film of the same name and it was poignant to see the face of Sir Richard Attenborough RIP. 

We went into the red zone to experience volcanos and earthquakes. 
Having a rest before entering the red Zone! 

Three of us shared our experience of earthquakes Pat as a child growing up in Antiga, myself at Mirfield theological college in Yorkshire and Judy living on the west hendon estate with developments rocking her sofa in the afternoon ! We experienced the earthquake in japan while in a supermarket. And thought of those in Napa valley who had their world and lives rocked by natures force. 


  1. I missed today's one! From the looks of the pictures and description it must have been wonderful :)
    Regards Victor