Christians believe that God's love surrounds us and strengthens us at every stage in life. The Church is there for us as we celebrate important events in our Christian and human journey.

We would love to celebrate your important occasions with you. If you are thinking about having your child baptised, being baptised yourself, or getting married, please do get in touch. We are also here for you at difficult times in life. We offer Christian funerals, either in church or at a crematorium or cemetery chapel.


In baptism we celebrate the new life that is ours through Jesus. We come to share in that new life through a symbolic 'washing' and commit ourselves to sharing in the fellowship of the Church. We baptise children and adults. If you would like to have you child baptised, or want to be baptised yourself, contact Fr John. Baptism is free.


God is love, and we get a picture of the love of God through loving relationships with each other. Christian marriage is what we call a sacrament – a special sign of God's loving presence. You can get married at our churches if one of you lives in the parish, or if you have some other connection with the churches. If you would like to celebrate your marriage with us, make an initial enquiry with Fr John. And congratulations on your engagement!


God is with us in our grief. We believe that Jesus shared in human sadness and, through his death and resurrection, offers hope in the face of death. A Christian funeral gives thanks for the person who has died, prays for them, and supports those who are mourning. If one of your loved ones has died, be assured of our prayers and sympathies. You can either contact us directly about funerals, or tell a funeral director that you would like us to provide a funeral.


Our priests are available to hear confessions. Contact Fr John.

We will bless most people and things! If you have moved house, you might like a house blessing. If it is a special time in life, if you have a significant birthday or a new job for example, why not ask for a blessing?

We prepare children and adults for Communion and Confirmation. We are always willing to help anyone learn more about the Christian faith.