Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Day trip into London

We are all gathered at Hendon station and waiting for the train that will take us on a day of adventure and fun. First stop St Pancras station 

St Pancras was a 4th century boy of 14 years of age who was beheaded for his faith. His death was one of many in times of persecution. As we waited for the tube we rembered St Pancras and those who today are persecuted for their faith. 
At the Tower of London we saw the tribute to those who died 100 years ago in the First World War. Even with the sun shining and in the midst of our excitement to be above ground we and those around us became quiet as we stopped to consider the terrible loss and waste of war. One member of the public stifles a sob and dries her eyes. 
Now lunch beckons and we eat on the steps looking on the Tower of London

We are now flying across the Thames, it's very noisy in this carrage, good job it's only our group here!
An airplane takes off as we pass the end of the run way! 

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