Monday, 16 June 2014

Trinity Sunday

Are you eating your 5 portions of Veg per day?

At a time when the nations health is worse than it was at the end of the WW11 after 6 years of war: rationing and shortages, the issue of a balanced diet is firmly on the nations mind – or at least should be.

The body cannot live long without proper sustenance – fasting can be useful but starving yourself is useless. Starvation may not be realistic alternative in our society of excess however there is mounting evidence that many of us have an unbalanced diet – yes we literally starve our bodies of one or another essential vitamin or mineral that can have disastrous effects on the health of our whole body.

While everyone, well almost everyone, in the country has gone football mad we do not at this moment know who will win the world cup. There is endless debate and not a little money on the answer – will it be the team with the best striker or the team with a 4 :4: 3 formation. Can a team with a poor mid-field really do better than a team with an inadequate defence. The answer I assume is that the winners will be a team that plays as a team rather than a group of individuals – a team that finds the balance between all the combinations of skill, tactics and determination on the field.

And speaking of the field it is on the battle field that we see most strikingly the disastrous effects upon an army when one small detail is forgotten about.
In the History of warfare the lack of sanitation or cleanness caused more causalities that the arrows, or bullets of an opposing army
In WW1 deficient head cover was one of the biggest causes of the terrible losses experienced on the front line –
In the Gulf – we heard about the wrong boots being issued and the wrong kind of gun – both deficiencies affecting the chances of winning and indeed living in the theatre of war

Why am I talking about balance and deficiency this morning?
The answer is because this morning is Trinity Sunday.

When it comes to our faith many of us display a deficient or imbalanced understanding of God. For many of us there is an essential element missing in our faith that leaves us poorer when we should be rejoicing in the great riches that are offered to us when we place our faith in God.

Put simply many Christians do not experience the reality of the Trinity : God as father Son and Holy Spirit instead they latch onto just one person of the Trinity- resulting in an imbalanced and deficient relationship with God.

To day we rejoice in the Father Son and Holy Spirit
Today we give thanks for the Holy Trinity. 

Let us pray
Great praise and everlasting glory be to God
Father Son and Holy Spirit
Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier
Lover, Beloved and love between
Giver of Life, bearer of pain, Maker of love
Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end
Great praise from the whole universe
In all times and places
Holy Holy holy, Great God of power and love
Who was and who is and who is to come    AMEN

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