Monday, 30 June 2014

Feast of Dedication Weekend for St John the Evangelist

The weekend for many starts on a Friday and for us here at St John and St Matthias we gathered to celebrate the marriage of one of our priests Fr Simon to Dovey It was a wonderful service at St Matthias and there was some champagne and nibbles for everyone at the back of Church. Congratulations to Michelle who caught Doveys bouquet! Fr Simon and Dovey are on honeymoon and we wish them all the best

Congratulations to Ethan Gibbs who was baptised at St John on Saturday, please pray for Ethan who has to have a major operation at Great Ormand Street children's hospital next week. This was followed by a songs of praise and parish party with food from many different cultures reflecting our diverse congregation. 

Sunday at the Feast of Dedication Mass at St John's it was wonderful to welcome Judy's daughter who was on a flying visit from South Africa and I think it was the first time she had been at St John's in all the years that her mother has made this church her home. In the afternoon Sunday and Francoise were married at St John and partied the evening away at St Matthias church hall.

St John was first opened for worship on June 29th 1896 and we give thanks to God for the many years in which this church has stood as a sign of God's presence in this community, "How awesome is this place, This is none other than the house of God and this is the gate of heaven"

Please pray for Michael, Mark, Victoria, Violet, Angel, Emmanuelle, Patience, Ryan, Tianna , Imani, Simdi, Jenny and Francoise who will be confirmed on Friday evening by our bishop Peter.

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