Thursday, 8 November 2012

Fr John letter from Miami

Oh and I told everyone that I was gong to Jamaica! Well by Gods grace Desiree and I will get there in a few hours time. Our carrier over booked our flight by 51 people and so we were offered a package that was hard to resist to travel via Miami to help them out. We accepted. Those of you who know me will know that America is the last stop that I would choose to make on a world tour, and yet here I am, it is 4.00am and I have just been out jay walking trying to find an English Cup of tea from the various "Gas stations" that line the 8 lane road outside our hotel accommodation.
As I walk all alone I love the fact that I have been paid to come to America and thank God for the extraordinary set of circumstances that have led me to this land of the free.  Of course of them is my dear wife who insists I hunt and gather a cup of English tea at 4.00am in a country where no one  seems to speak English - lesson number one for fellow governors at SMSJ as we devise a curriculum for our new through school Spanish is a must. Still I manage to get a cup of hot English tea for Desiree and  I know the day will only get better as a result.  I of course chose a cup of coffee, the choice was bewildering as was the conversation between myself and the somewhat non plussed " petrol attendant ". my coffee cup has a slogan printed on it " good coffee is good for the soul  " a quote attributed to one Sean O.  As welcome as it was I am not sure it nurtured my soul but it did make smile and As I walked back in the darkness I sang to no one in particular that wonderful hymn  as a dear pants for the water, so my soul longs after you....
Now we have to open and drink a bottle of sparkling  wine for breakfast as we our cases are too full to be allowed to leave Miami - Buck's Fizz is not a bad accompaniment to the rising of the sun at the beginning of ones holiday. Peace and blessings fr John

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