Sunday, 11 November 2012

Congratulations Fr John!

This week we've learnt who our new Archbishop will be. We hold Bishop Justin in our prayers as he prepares to take up office.

At St John's and St Matthias', however, we have a much more local reason to celebrate a new appointment. Bishop Richard announced last week that Fr John has been appointed as a prebendary of St Paul's Cathedral.

Along with three other priests from our diocese, Fr John will take up the honorary post at Evensong on Sunday 3rd March at 3.15pm in our Cathedral. Please join us for that celebration.

The Bishop said, in his letter announcing the appointment that Fr John and the other new prebendaries "are representative of so many priests and lay men and women who work tirelessly in this Diocese serving our Lord Jesus Christ, the people of God and all who live and work in this great City."

We give thanks for Fr John's life and witness in these parishes, and warmly congratulate him on this appointment.

And if, like me until a few days ago, you don't have the first clue what a prebendary is, see here!


  1. Hi Father , Congrats to you on your promotion and stay blessed until we see you for this celebration

  2. hello Father John, so pleased about your new promotion, and my mum, Leonardo and i will be there for your celebration.
    Christina Hamm