Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Regeneration of West Hendon - hopes and fears

The Public enquiry over the Compulsory purchase orders for the first phase of the regeneration of the West Hendon estate has now drawn to a close, we now wait for the outcome of this process. What will change is hard to know, reinforced concrete is known for its rigidity and much has already been poured. Maybe what will have been achieved will in the long run be as long lasting as the reinforced cement concrete frames that are springing up in this green and pleasant borough of Barnet, and that is that the powerless and voiceless have been heard. Justice begins with the human voice crying out, a baby cries for milk and the demand to life, Adam cries out in his aloneness and God gives him a companion, Eve, the oppressed cry out and God answers by sending them an advocate, a prophet a leader to bring about change, Moses.
The people of West hendon, who for too long have not been listened to, whose human worth and value has been weighted in the scales of financial viability and political expedience and found wanting, who feel that promises entered into have not been honoured are demanding to be heard, and are finding a voice that will join with others to demand change and a fairer future for all our citizens.

Today, a resident and I were allowed a peek preview of G block, due to be completed in the Spring and look at the progress on E block and the future power plant that will provide heat for the flats being built on the estate:
From the top of G block one of the "brown roofs " that will compensate for the negative environmental impact of modern urban designs

The communal area for G Block, this will provide some play and recreational space for residents 

The under ground  car park for a very few cars and a cycle space for every resident 

measuring the main bedroom of this two bed flat

The kitchen, with a window

The main living space for a two bedroom flat, there is a balcony, this one of the few that will look east.

Block E starting to take form

The large concrete block is the central core of one of the must contested tower blocks

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