Wednesday, 1 October 2014

working in the vineyard

Jesus told His followers a story about two sons. The father asked both sons to go and work in their vineyard (place where grapes are grown). One son said that he would not go and work. But later he decided that he would work in the vineyard. The second son said that he would work, but he did not go to the vineyard. Jesus asked in verse 31a, "'Which of the two sons obeyed his father?' The Jewish leaders answered, 'The first son.'"

A common experience isn't it!!  And therefore a perfect experience for Jesus to use as an example of what obedience is and isn't.

This is the important question that is prompted by the simple but true story of a father and two children. We are left to ask which one is us?

The gospel is not a gospel of what work we must do or not do.
It is not a matter of whether we give a tenth of our income to God
each year  and successfully avoid committing one or other of the
seven deadly sins...

The words of Jesus concern faith.
It is the gospel of believing - and in believing - in hoping, and in praying,
and opening oneself to the power of God and to the will of God.

Today it is not too late to get right with God, it is not too late to say to God “I believe” help me in my unbelief.

It is not too late to say to God yes!  I will go out in the vineyard after all. I will go with you as you go with me and work to bring the good news of your love to my family and my friends and to the whole world in all that I say and do. I will worship you and work with you and obey your will.

our new garden of remembrance at St Matthias was used for the first time after the Sunday Mass. May Robert Grimwood rest in peace.

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