Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Prayer and Fasting for Syria - 7th September

As we continue to follow the news from Syria, Pope Francis has called for a day of prayer and fasting for peace for this Saturday, September 7th.

Prayer with fasting is a scriptural way of commending a situation to God, and of uniting ourselves in solidarity with those who are suffering. Fasting, in the Christian tradition, is understood as 'eating considerably less food' - not starving ourselves, but eating less, and more simply. Perhaps we could donate the money we save to the DEC Appeal for Syria.

We pray for those damaged by the fighting in Syria.
To the wounded and injured:
Come Lord Jesus.
To the terrified who are living in shock:
Come Lord Jesus
To the hungry and homeless, refugee and exile:
Come Lord Jesus
To those bringing humanitarian aid:
Give protection Lord Jesus
To those administering medical assistance:
Give protection Lord Jesus.
To those offering counsel and care:
Give protection Lord Jesus.
For all making the sacrifice of love:
Give the strength of your Spirit
and the joy of your comfort.
We pray in the hope you have given us.

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