Sunday, 9 June 2013

Reflection for the Second Sunday after Trinity

We're back today into reading through Luke's gospel on Sundays. Today we heard the story of the widow of Naim.

A woman in a desperate situation, not only confronted with human grief but also with the reality of loosing her only son, on whom she would have depended economically, encounters the power of Jesus. This power conquers even death itself, giving the widow's son back to her. It is a power exercised, as the gospel puts it, with compassion. It is a power exercised on behalf of someone at the 'bottom of the heap' socially.

This is the Lord we follow, a Lord who exercises power in a compassionate way. As Christians we need to proclaim both halves of the message. We cannot shy away from the reality of Jesus, the Son of God, who reigns in power and conquers death. But equally we cannot ignore his divinely human compassion - the message, of course, of last Friday's feast day - which puts down the mighty from their seats, raises up the lowly, and comes as good news for the poor.

Also in the news today!...

Congratulations to our Churchwardens who attended St Pauls Cathedral to make take their oaths of office and be part of the launch of Capital Vision 2010 Creative Compassion leading to a Confident proclamation of the Gospel

Well done to our two newest servers at St Matthias..

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