Sunday, 21 April 2013

Good Shepherd Sunday

  “My sheep hear my voice. I know them and they follow me”

In claiming to be a follower of Jesus Christ, we have the dubious honour of being likened to sheep! However what ever parallels or comparisons are drawn from this analogy one must be that as one of his sheep Jesus claims that we are people who hear his voice!

As followers of Christ we are told that we will hear his voice calling us, directing us, guiding us, protecting and supporting us. But do we really listen?

Throughout history God has listened to the cry of his people.

1.It began in the garden, with the single cry of the lonely and terrified Adam. His cry was for companionship, someone to share the responsibility and joys of Gods creation with, and God heard his cry and created Eve.
2. It continued with the cry of Abel’s blood spilt out onto the ground, the cry for justice, and the demand for judgement.
3. There was the cry of a people, enslaved by the rich and powerful. A cry for someone to lead them out of their bondage into the promise land. God heard them and sent Moses.
4.There was the cry of Elizabeth in the night of her old age, united with many through out the ages who in their loss and shame had been granted new life, a share in the creative power of God. Elizabeth’s cry signals the beginning of a new and radical way in which God would deal with his people. The ultimate answer to this cry from humanity is the incarnation, the birth of Jesus.

When we are faced with our own torments or difficult decisions do we really listen for the voice of God?  
or do we rather listen to our own voice-
the voice of reason,
the seductive call of our secular consumer society that seeks to enslave us and rob us of our true identity and dignity as one of Gods chosen ones?

My sheep hear my voice. I know them and they follow me”

We know that there are many who cannot and will not listen to the voice of our Lord and the terrible consequences of not following him are evidenced all around us.

As one of God’s sheep we belong to him and as one of his sheep we can hear him assure us that he will give us life, will lead us to better pastures, will defend us in times of tribulation.  

Congratulations to Sophie Elizabeth Hayes who was baptised at St John this morning. Our prayers go with her and her family.

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