Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas lunch on Jesus

Just got in from delivering around 50 vouchers for local residents in the two parishes to have a free Christmas hamper delivered on Saturday. This is an initiative created by Jesus House in Barnet whereby hundreds of hampers are delivered to the most need across the Borough. My first letterbox, at 7.30am on the west Hendon, was proving s little tiresome and I was aware of the early hour and so doing my best to make as little noise as Possible. The door flew open and a very angry young man shouted at me "take your F****hand out of my f**** door before I break it" Maybe not the best start to a bit of neighbourly concern. It's been amazing talking to many who opened their doors to receive their voucher today. One neighbour told me about her struggle with addiction and depression following the intervention of social services who have taken her baby from her earlier this year. This young woman is sharing her hamper with her first born son and an elderly neighbour in the flat beneath her who had his benefits stopped suddenly last week. All of this had been made possible by the inspirational dedication of Ayo and Wonu and their team at Jesus House. Thank you for letting us work with you! If anyone wants to help us with the distribution of hampers we are meeting in West Hendon car park at 10.00am.

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