Sunday, 14 October 2012

Thoughts on Trinity 19

Then Jesus looked around and said to hisdisciples, ‘How hard it will be for those who have wealth to enter the kingdomof God! Mark 10.23

Ayoung man approaches Jesus “ Good Teacher what must I do to inherit eternallife? Jesus’ response seems extraordinary, “ Why do you call me good, no one isgood except God alone!”

Whatare we to make of this reply?

Clearlygoodness is not a Christian or even a religious prerogative, many are good butthis does not necessarily mean that they are Christian. Goodness one might hopeis a consequence of following Jesus of becoming more like him in our lives anddiscipleship but even here it is not something the Jesus seems to want to ownhimself. “Why do you call me Good” asksJesus “Only God is Good”. Verse 18

Itis following Jesus Christ that must be our first priority.
Inthe conversation between the young man and Jesus we see ourselves beingquestioned. Who or what is the priority of our lives? For the young man hispossessions were his priority, it was these that gave him all that he thoughthe needed. and so when Jesus points this out he is left in shock and grief.

WhenJesus Looked at the rich young man he did not just look, as we might, at theoutward appearance of his success and youth and say “Go and sell everything”.  Jesus looked at him and loved him, and because of his love for him challenged him tomake a radical choice, a choice for Jesus.

Becauseof that love Jesus gave the instruction so that young man could find fulfilmentand salvation – the very things that his wealth and riches would never bringhim.

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