Monday, 24 September 2012

Is drinking tea together inefficient...

I came across an interesting article at work this afternoon on the Sydney Anglicans web page which explores the idea around structured and unstructured time in Church. Now Sydney diocese might be on the opposite side of the globe and on the othere end of the Anglican spectrum to us at St John's and St Matthias' but this reflection really made me think about how we spend time together as a Church family.

The writer suggests that when we meet in formal gatherings we aim to be organised and disciplined but that we alsoo create a space for unstructured, inefficient time in every gathering so that people can just be humans in company with one another and ensure we help each other to know that such a thing is a great blessing.

For example coffee mornings and tea after church are not just for stocking up on cake and quenching thirst, and church cleaning is not just about making the place sparkle. These are opportunities to build deeper relationships and through those relationships we deepen our understanding of humanity and of God. Perhaps, and just perhaps, then we can learn more what Jesus means about welcoming him as a little child - as Fr John talks about in Thought for Trinity 16.

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